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How to Battle Retail Cyber Security Threats and Win

A new article by NYC area cyber security expert and HCCC member eMazzanti Technologies highlights the increasing cyber security risks facing the retail sector. For instance, the author notes that ransomware and other e-commerce threats necessitate a multi-faceted approach to cyber security.
She proceeds to outline additional threats, including data skimming and supply chain attacks. For each threat, she suggests preventative actions.
When a retail business experiences a cyber breach, millions of customers may also feel the pain. Consequently, retailers must consider cyber security a non-negotiable business investment,” warned Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies.
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “How to Battle Retail Cyber Security Threats and Win.
Ransomware Still a Top Threat
“To prevent ransomware attacks and minimize the damage they cause, retailers need to strengthen endpoint protection and email fortifications. Geo blocking will help prevent foreign hackers from accessing business systems. Additionally, retailers should assess and improve their data backup and recovery practices.”
E-commerce Threats Require Multi-faceted Approach
“E-commerce threats can take a variety of forms in addition to ransomware. For instance, hackers hijack customer accounts to steal sensitive personal data, and they impersonate legitimate companies with fake online stores. Threat actors also infiltrate the systems used to manage gift cards or process returns online.”
Data Skimming Prevalent Online and on POS Systems
“Hackers use data skimming to steal credit card information when customers make online or in-store purchases. To implement data skimming, they install malicious code on websites and apps or attach physical devices to card readers.”
Access Management Critical to Address Supply Chain Attacks
“To guard against supply chain attacks, retailers must strengthen access management. Zero trust architecture, for instance, requires identity verification every time any user, device, or application attempts to access the system. Additionally, privileged access management will provide visibility into the actions taken by privileged accounts that hackers may target.”
Mitigate Retail Cyber Security Threats
Proactive retail business owners will seek out end-to-end retail solutions that include comprehensive cyber security technology tailored for retail needs. For over 20 years, eMazzanti Technologies has provided retail technology solutions designed to enhance productivity and support safe and swift transactions.
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